Probate Law in Columbia, SC

When you have South Carolina probate law concerns, you can turn to Goodwyn Law Firm for advice. My clients come to me for advice because of the joint experience of me and my paralegal. I offer a free initial consultation, allowing clients to get a better sense of how we would try to accomplish their plans – before they retain our services.

This is a local practice that provides representation when clients have concerns about how the probate process works. I may be able to help you deal with:

  • Informing all parties that the probate process has begun
  • Addressing the validity of the will or trust in question
  • Taking appropriate steps to protect the interests of the estate
  • Distributing property and transferring assets

Goodwyn Law Firm maintains flexible consultation times. I employ a paralegal to handle routine matters in order to keep costs low. If you’d like to have your legal matter personally reviewed by a probate law attorney, give my office staff a call today and schedule an appointment.

Call us at 803-251-4517 for an initial consultation today!