Insurance Agent Error Lawyer

As is the case when you do business with any professional, you have the right to expect that insurance agents will be honest and act in good faith when offering you insurance policies. You have the right to expect direct answers to questions such as, “Does this homeowners insurance include flood insurance?” or “Does your insurance company offer umbrella policies?” If you suffered great financial loss because of a South Carolina insurance agent error, lawyers of Goodwyn Law Firm, can advise you on how to pursue compensation. Perhaps an insurance agent reassured you that your policy included some type of coverage, such as coverage in a health insurance policy for preexisting conditions or ski accidents. You may have read the fine print yourself, but found it to be ambiguous — so you relied on the insurance agent’s verbal interpretation. Later, when you needed to make a claim for benefits that you believed were included in the policy, you discovered that the insurance agent’s word was unreliable. As a result, you lost thousands of dollars that you rightfully believed would be covered by the insurance you specifically bought to cover all contingencies.

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