Relevant Types of Evidence for Personal Injury Cases

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January 14, 2021
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March 11, 2021

Relevant Types of Evidence for Personal Injury Cases

In some personal injury cases, such as medical malpractice suits, it can be difficult to meet the necessary burden of proof that will result in an award of damages. This is a helpful guide to the various types of evidence your attorney might need from you or other parties.

Evidence from the Scene of the Accident

The locations where an accident takes place contains evidence that can provide context to the case. Skid marks on the road, broken glass, debris, and more can help your attorney build a strong case against the defendants.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence is very important in any personal injury case. Clothing, tools, weather patterns, medical equipment, and even entire vehicles can provide evidence to help determine who is at fault in an injury case.


Documentation is a necessary part of proving injury claims in court. Medical data, bills, police reports, statements from witnesses at the scene of the accident, and more are crucial to making a convincing case. CCTV footage, social media, and other types of digital documentation may also figure into the case.

Witness Testimony

When an injury case goes to court, witnesses may need to make appearances to provide additional details to the court. People who were at the scene of the accident describe what occurred. Medical professionals might be called upon to detail the extent of the injuries and how they will impact quality of life. Family members may need to give statements in court to show how their lives have been changed by the accident. Witness testimonies can be given in person, recorded, or submitted in written format to be read aloud.

Photographic and Video Evidence

There is no such thing as too much evidence. We mentioned police records and CCTV footage above, but pictures and videos of those in and around the accident are also very relevant to building a strong injury case. Witnesses who may have uploaded pictures and videos to social media may be asked to provide those as evidence during the trial.

Strong Legal Support

Gathering, compiling, and organizing all evidence in an injury case is something your attorney will be able to do. After all, your attorney will know how to legally obtain evidence from witnesses, businesses, and government agencies to build a case to convince the court. Goodwyn Law Firm LLC specializes in personal injury cases of every type. Contact our offices today and put our expertise to work for you.

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