The 6 Most Frequent Workplace Injuries

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February 13, 2020
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The 6 Most Frequent Workplace Injuries


While many individuals associate the term workplace accidents with construction or manufacturing jobs, accidents occur across every industry. Even if you consider a secretary or manager in a comfortable office as the safest job, there are even accidents that cause significant injuries in these positions. It’s important to be aware of the most common causes of accidents to help prevent them. Here is a list of the most common workplace injuries.

Slips and Falls

Injuries that occur from slips and falls are by far the most common across all industries. This is because they can happen to anyone at any time. While some of these accidents may undoubtedly be minor, some falls can be extremely traumatic. Depending on the individual involved, the fall may result in head trauma, back pain, and even broken bones. Slips and falls occur most often from wet floors, loose items on the floor, rugs, poor lighting and more. As an employee, one of the best things you can do to prevent falls is to report any unsafe condition immediately.

Moving Equipment

Those industries that work with heavy operating equipment need to be particularly careful. Any equipment with moving parts should only be operated by those individuals who have received proper training. There should also be safeguards on all equipment to prevent harm.


While fires and explosions are not as common as slips and fall, workplace injuries sustained from fires and explosions are much more catastrophic. Fires in the workplace are typically caused by faulty gas lines or improperly stored combustible material. Make sure employees know where fire extinguishers are located and have working fire alarms at all times.


Injuries sustained from overexertion are not caused by the workplace itself. Overexertion typically occurs when an individual acts, like pulling, lifting, or carrying something, incorrectly. The best way to avoid this type of injury is to offer training for the proper way to perform assigned tasks.


Unfortunately, there may be some jobs that require individuals to perform the same movement repeatedly. This type of injury may be described as repetitive strain injury. Common strains include those affecting your wrists or back. While it may not be possible to eliminate the task that is contributing to the strain, it’s a good idea to try and vary movement as much as possible.


While certainly not as common, there are violent acts among staff members that cause injury. Be sure to train your employees on acceptable workplace behavior to avoid this unfortunate event.

By understanding the most common workplace injuries, you can strive to prevent them. Do your part to keep yourself and others safe in the workplace.

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