What Your Personal Injury Attorney Needs to Know

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What Your Personal Injury Attorney Needs to Know


When you have been in an accident that results in a personal injury, you need to take the right steps in the hours and days that follow. Contacting a personal injury attorney is a must, but many people struggle when it comes to how to get the most from the experts they hire for the job. The information you provide to your attorney will be invaluable. Take a moment to look over these tips and learn more about what your lawyer needs to know to increase your odds of success after taking on an injury.

Accident History

For your lawyer to get a better idea of your background, you want to provide any information you can about previous accidents you have been involved with. Whether or not you were responsible in these situations, insurance agents may try to state you received a particular injury during a different accident in an attempt to deny your claim. When your lawyer is already aware of previous injuries and accidents, he or she has a better chance of preparing a case that an adjuster cannot easily explain away.

Criminal and Financial Information

While it might not seem important to the situation, your personal injury attorney is also going to need criminal and financial background information on you. This means you need to disclose whether or not you have a criminal record and what it entails. Misdemeanors and other infractions do not normally impact an injury case, but an insurance company is likely going to conduct a background check and bring up these details in court. To stay prepared, your attorney needs to have this information. Providing information on your finances helps your lawyer know whether or not the debt will impact your payout.

Unrelated Injuries

Injury cases can often take a bit of time to resolve. This means that there is a chance you will experience another injury while you are waiting for the case to close. It is very important that you remain open and honest with your lawyer about any injuries you have received after your initial claim was made. This helps with transparency and allows your attorney to provide the most accurate information to a judge.

Understanding what moves you need to make after an accident can provide you with the insight you need to find assistance. Work closely with your personal injury attorney and be sure to provide all relevant information associated with your case to see the best results.

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